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VJ BOOK - Xárene Eskandar [USA]
In the Bac on Friday, April 27th
In the Bac, installations

Proposed Installation
'vE-"jA is a unique book experience in comparison to similar books on video, graphic design and new media arts. The book comes in two editions: a regular book and DVD released December 2006; and a special 'touch' edition to be released Autumn 2007. The aim is to tie the experience of reading the book to the concept of VJing itself. Readers become participants in live triggering of video, just as a video artist would in a live setting. Touching designated images in the book will trigger the related video clip on the DVD. The book thus becomes on an interface for the DVD. The DVD can be played in any Bluetooth enabled device. The original concept for the book was contradictory to the nature of the art of live audio/video performance in the sense that a three-dimensional and mulit-sensory art had been transformed into a two-dimensional surface of text and image. The touch version of a logical progression of how we experience books on subject matters that require physical experience of an environment.

Xárene Eskandar has a diverse background ranging from automotive design and graphic design to fashion design, architecture and event production. She recently completed editing a book titled, 'vE-"jA: Art + Technology of Live Audio/Video, which captures a global snapshot of the current international VJ scene. Her current interests lie in fusing interactive media with architecture in developing Open Source Architecture. Xárene holds a Bachelor of Science in Design from the University of Cincinnati, where her main focus of study was Interior and Industrial Design.