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In the Bac, tuesday may 1th to thursday may 3th

Share is a community for portable performers founded in 2001 by Barry Manalog, geoffGDAM and Newclueless that provides an open space for knowledge exchange and audio/visual performance. Every week we host a free multimedia jam open to all participants and observers. Walk-ins welcome.

Currently, Share events take place in New York City and San Diego, USA, Montreal, CA, and Wiesbaden, Germany. Share NYC's non-profit status is made possible through the support of the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Patrons are encouraged to show and exchange ideas freely, giving each other feedback, catalyzing development of techniques and philosophies in new media.

We are the place to preview that video project you're working on, learn about new software developments, sing a new pop song you've written, join an open jam of digital artists, form an impromptu collaboration, hear how your new songs sound on a big system, meet co-conspirators for art projects, spin some mp3s, look for new Max patches and Buzz machines or relax and have a Sunday drink with interesting people.

Share begins every Sunday at around 6 PM with an open jam (check your town's Share page for the exact time). An open-mixer system for video and audio lets participants patch their equipment into the multi-channel system. Guests are encouraged to bring any portable audio and video gear they like, to join in an open jam or form impromptu collaborations. We accommodate both solo performers and those looking to join others, as time and space allow. Arrive early for best results.

Featured performances by solo or group artists happen regularly, in which local or visiting artist(s) takes over the a/v system to do their thing. The jam still takes place before and after featured sets.

Where available, Share gatherings set up broadband Internet connections and WiFi hubs for net-based collaborations and audio/video streams. This connection is always free and open to all participants and visitors. In addition to enabling file servers and a number of peer-to-peer A/V apps to be easily used by multiple users, the wireless, broadband connection gives Share the ability to have an interactive online presence, capable of collaboration with global partners.

Share is sometimes streamed through servers in the Netherlands courtesy of the Waag Society.

Share has collaborated with other electronic festivals and events, including Electroluxe in NYC, the PhonoTaktik festival in Vienna, SAT in Montreal Canada, Transmediale in Berlin Germany and at Transfert in Bordeaux France. The collaboration with 2002 PhonoTaktik took two forms: live performances when the festival was in NYC, and a streaming NET.JAM while the festival continued in Vienna. In the guise of ANYWARE, a Share subgroup, a thirteen country networked jam was realised at the Kitchen, NYC.

Mapping Festival is proud to inaugurate the first instance of Share in Geneva, Switzerland. Share GVA is an initiative by vj Sigma6 (aka Eric Morzier). While none of the founding members of Share will be in attendance one of it's core members from New York City, Elsa Vieira will be present as well as Juergen Liebermann from Share Zurich. A talk will be given about Share from Sociologist Michael Liegl who in addition to being a long time Share supporter is currently working on a dissertation about the Share phenomena.

share GVA
Au Bac du mardi 1er mai au jeudi 3 mai

SHARE est une communauté pour "performeurs portable" lancée en 2001 à New-York par Barry Manalog, geoffGDAM et Newclueless. Depuis 2005, SHARE est international et chaque année de nouvelles communautés ouvrent leurs portes à travers le monde. SHARE a la volonté de fournir un espace de libre échange et de performances audiovisuelles. Chaque semaines ou mois selon les endroits, SHARE accueille des jam audiovisuelles ouvertes à tous, participants ou simples visiteurs. Le Mapping Festival 2007 sera l'occasion d'ouvrir les premières sessions de SHARE.geneva.