mapping 2007


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Au Bac VJ performance le vendredi 27 avril 2007
Au Bac Installation

Quayola est un graphiste et artiste multimédia Italien basé à Londres. Son travail vidéos, ses installations, ses performances lives et ses créations graphiques l’ont amené à collaborer avec des artistes comme OneDotZero, Warp, Lumin, D-Fuse, Mira Calix et Lovebytes.

Quayola [IT/UK]
In the Bac Friday, april 27th
In the Bac, installation

Quayola is a Italian London based multimedia artist / graphic designer. 
His work in videos, installations, live performances and prints, have lead him to collaborate with the likes of OneDotZero, Warp, Lumin, D-Fuse, Mira Calix and Lovebytes. is a selection of my professional and personal works. Since 2001 I have been working on an extensive range of projects including music videos, installations, live video performances, music packaging, magazines, websites and DVDs. My work with the creative collective HFR-LAB has been shown in many important venues and festivals around the globe leading to several collaborations with artists, musicians and organizations.