mapping 2007


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Name - Nikolas Barrera + Andrew Nixon[UK]
AU Bac Vendredi 4 mai 2007


NAME , c'est Nikolas Barrera et Andrew Nixon, deux artistes qui réalisent ensemble depuis trois ans des projets commerciaux dans le domaine du design, combinés avec des projets purement artistiques. Ils présenteront au Mapping Festival le projet Privy qui avait été inauguré le 4 mars 2020 à Dance City. Cette performance s'articule autour de thèmes tels que la perte, l'anatomie, le secret et la catharsie.


Name - Nikolas Barrera + Andrew Nixon[UK]
In the Bac friday, may 4th

NAME are partners Nikolas Barrera and Andrew Nixon. We have worked together for 3 years and combine commercial design-led work (online and offline) with arts based projects. We work mainly in the visual field, combining DV video, motion graphics, animation, text and stills although we are finding that we are incorporating more audio elements with each project - possibly through a desire to be more self sufficient as artists and performers.

Our main focus with our practice is on ‘live visual’ performance. Although historically born out of clubland and musical performance (as an accompanying element generally) we strive as ‘Name’ to explore and push the boundaries of the medium through technological advancements and obviously the needs of the specific project. We are equally enthused by collaborative projects, playing a more supportive visual role or as the main or sole focus of a project.

We have a strong vision and ethos, which we strive to express through our artistic practice. This could be via commercial design, video, self initiated or commissioned work.

Premiered at 2020 on March 4th, at Dance City, this bespoke audio visual work has, as it’s central themes loss, exposure, anonymity, secrecy and catharsis. Name have developed it as a work in progress via the Lumen events and it reaches its first stage of fruition at 2020. The performance combines Ableton Live, Pioneer DVJ’s, Kaoss Pad Entrancer and Modul8 software.