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ADAMSKI (prostitute records- kitsune) neo rave [UK]
au Zoo le Vendredi 27 Avril

Biberonné aux raves parties anglaises de la fin des années quatre-vingt; Adamski, devenu Adam sky au  XXIe siècle, a participé à des événements fondateurs de la culture techno. Il est notamment le producteur du  méga tube «killer» avec Seal. Comme vous pourrez en juger, il n’a jamais cessé de se renouveler depuis ses  premiers live en 89 à la Brixton academy. 

ADAMSKI (prostitute records- kitsune) neo rave [UK]
in leZoo Friday, May 27th

In the late seventies, Adamski, (real name Adam Tinley) was part of Stupid Babies, a group who generated a fair amount of attention with their Baby Sitters single, which crashed into the UK independent singles chart. Legendary radio DJ John Peel aired a session from the band on his show, voicing his admiration for these adolescent punks who numbered Adamski’s five year old brother Dominic among their ranks! Notoriety was brief and interest ebbed away, but Tinley was to return in the mid-eighties, as part of post-punk hip-hop group Diskord Datkord. Success failed to materialise, but Tinley gravitated to the burgeoning Chicago house scene, crucially meeting Jimi Polo, who taught him how to use a sequencer, and introduced him to the key figures on the scene, most notably Marshall Jefferson.

By the end of the eighties, Tinley had metamorphosed into Adamski, and after a spell DJ-ing at raves, and residencies at a number of warehouse parties, he was signed by MCA Records. His NRG single climbed to number twelve on the UK charts in January 1990, but the follow up, Killer (featuring a stunning vocal from Seal) completely eclipsed its predecessor, reaching the coveted number one spot in the UK, and selling vast quantities throughout Europe.

Adamski’s first album, Liveanddirect sold very well, and a third single, The Space Jungle was another top ten hit in September 1990. The success of these releases had coincided with rise of rave culture which began to dominate UK popular culture. However, over the course of the next couple of years, the movement lost its momentum, and subsequent Adamski releases failed to generate much public interest.

In 1998, Adamski signed to ZTT, releasing the Adamski’s Thing album the same year. Crammed with ideas, the project was a creative tour-de-force, building on a solid dance foundation and embellishing it with guitars and orchestration. The uplifting nature of the music contrasted with the gravity and introspection of Adamski’s finest lyrical content to date. The singles Intravenous Venus and One Of The People failed to make a dent on the charts, but won critical accolades and announced, in no uncertain terms, that Adamski was far from spent as a creative artistic force.

After releasing In The City as a single at the start of the new millennium, Adamski retired his name and has since re-emerged as the not unidentifiable Adam Sky. Under his new monicker, his career is once more heading in a positive direction, with a residency at the hipper-than-hip Nag Nag Nag club confirming his credible currency.